Beard/Skin Oil – Monarch Essential oil blend


Naturally Luxurious, our beard oils are made with skin and hair-friendly oils that will help to manage, style and care for your beard.
Designed to soften and moisturise while making your beard healthier and more manageable. This oil is also suitable for use as a skin moisturiser.

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Using Beard Balms and Beard oils daily can help with:
*managing and styling
*moisturising hair and skin
*reducing beard itch – “beardruff”
*cleaner and healthier beard
*beard balms and oils smell fantastic!

*Hemp oil, with its high percentage of linoleic acid helps to promote hair growth, softens and makes hair strands more pliable while reducing water loss. Hemp oil is also fantastic for the skin, promoting cellular turnover and keeping skin soft, smooth and moisturised.
*Jojoba Oil, a lightweight oil that helps to balance the skins oil production while being lightweight and non-greasy
*Argan Oil, also high in linoleic acid, Argan Oil is known to help hydrate and soften hair and to help prevent itchy skin.
*Castor Oil, thickens hair strands and nourishes hair follicles.
*Vitamin E, contains oxidants to help preserve the natural oils in the Beard Balm and works to aid the moisturising properties of the other oils. Vitamin E also helps to strengthen the hair and prevent split ends.

Sunset Essential Oil Blend
Our Sunset essential oil blend is a warm uplifting scent that is also in one of our top-selling soaps.
Patchouli – A rich musky-earthy scent patchouli helps to anchor the other essential oils and make them last longer once applied. In Aromatherapy Patchouli is considered a grounding and calming oil. In skincare, it can help to calm irritation and assist with skin health.
Sweet Orange- A top note Sweet Orange is uplifting and refreshing, it encourages hair growth and promotes strength, naturally antiseptic it can help to reduce beard itch.
Ginger – Another earthy scent, ginger can help to prevent beard itch, and improve circulation. In Aromatherapy is it considered stimulating and warming.

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