Castile Soap Block – 100% Virgin Olive Oil


Extra Big Rustic Chunks of pure natural unscented Virgin Olive Oil Soap.

100% Olive Oil soap, traditionally called “Castile” this soap is made with only four ingredients, Virgin Olive Oil from Gladstone, Wairarapa, Distilled Water, Corn Silk and Sodium Hydroxide.

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This is a gorgeous creamy soft lathering soap that leaves your skin feeling clean and lightly moisturized, it is perfect for those of us who suffer from allergies to fragrances and other additives.

The addition of corn silk increases the lather of the soap and adds an extra soft luxury to the skin feel.
A multipurpose soap it can be used from head to toes, as a shampoo, whole body and facial soap.

This soap is made in small batches and takes longer to “cure” than other soaps in our range.

Note: there may be some adjustments if used as a shampoo soap, rinsing hair with an apple cider rinse (the smell does not stay on your hair!), or using a small amount of conditioner on the ends (I find that I still need some) can help with the transition from liquid shampoo.

This soap is VEGAN.

Castile soap is a traditional soap originating in the Castile region of Spain. Made with only olive oil it takes much longer than other soaps to cure and produce a good lather. Castile soap can often benefit from a cure time of over 12 months. A longer cure time means that the soap is harder and will last longer.

Our handmade soap is created in small batches in our workshop in the heart of the Wairarapa, using local and natural ingredients.

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Martinborough Olive Oil, Distilled Water, Corn Silk, Sodium Hydroxide..

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Weight 150 g