Naturally Luxurious Mud Pack – Green Clay & Matcha


Naturally Luxurious Green Clay & Matcha Green Tea mud pack to slather on your face. Vitamin and mineral-rich, mud packs feel great, help to manage problem skin and make your face feel and look soft and fresh.

1 x 25-gram jar of Clay Facial Powder

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Clays are known to absorb many times their weight in grease and grime, making them a fantastic addition to a natural beauty routine. Matcha Green Tea is full of Antioxidants to refresh the skin.
Pamper yourself with a weekly clay facial, combined with a Luxurious Bath Soak and follow up with daily facial cleansing with our Dead Sea Mud Bar Soap, specifically formulated to help with challenging skin.

How to use: Mix approximately one teaspoon of Clay Powder to an equal quantity of water or yogurt, mix until a smooth paste. It is better to add the liquid slowly as different clays have different absorbency. Adding too much liquid will make the mask runny and less effective.
Apply to damp skin. Leave on for 10-20 minutes, do not allow to dry completely, wash off with fresh clean warm water or previously prepared chamomile tea that has been allowed to cool. If at anytime skin starts to feel too hot, rinse the mask off immediately.
Hint: Adding a small amount of honey to the mask can also be beneficial as honey has antibacterial properties and is excellent for cleansing skin.
Ingredients: White Kaolin Clay, Green Clay, Matcha Green Tea, Spinach Powder, and Vitamin C.

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